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Celebrate the Summer SolsticeHolistic Health Coaching in Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area

Coaching is instrumental is small and big ways to create and manifest the changes you want to make in your life. As a holistic health coach, I can assist you to make life-style changes, create new aspects of your life or manifest health and wellness. It is easy and enjoyable.

Please enjoy an example of one of my holistic coaching sessions below:

Mind-Body techniques to address the effects of stress, chronic pain, life challenges/ changes, pre/post surgery, and acute/chronic illness

You can accomplish your health goals more successfully with an empowering coach!

Drawing from 30 years experience as a certified holistic nurse and guided imagery practitioner and now a certified nurse coach, Susan works with the mind-body-emotions-spiritual level to activate the innate healing response in each individual. She uses holistic coaching and Integrative Imagery, as well as relaxation techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Chi Gong.

45-60 minute 1:1 sessions/ $60-85 In person, Wednesdays 2-5pm. Fairfax, CA, or by phone or Skype


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Health and Wellness Coaching
To maximize your wellness in survivorship

COACHING is a powerful tool to:


Susan draws from many years as a certified holistic nurse, cancer care practitioner, expert in guided imagery and other mind-body modalities, and in health and wellness nurse coaching. She is passionate about activating the innate healing response and igniting empowerment in each individual.

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